Rainbow Slide ჩინეთიდან ინდონეზიაში

Ჩვენი კომპანია, Dinis is a professional China rainbow slide manufacturer. We have worked with many customers from Indonesia who want rainbow slide rides, Budi is one of them. Here is the successful case between Dinis and Budi on rainbow slide from China to Indonesia for your reference.

Grass Slide Rainbow Slide in Mountainous Area like Indonesia
Grass Slide Rainbow Slide in Mountainous Area like Indonesia

Budi owned a park in Indonesia. He wanted to add something fun to the park that would not only increase foot traffic but also revenue. After making a research, he found rainbow slides are a good choice. Then we received his inquiry. His need was clear. “How much is the price to Indonesia? I want to order a rainbow slide for sale with a length of 158m, width 5m”. After a series of negotiations and demonstrations of our commitment to quality and safety, we successfully made a deal with Budi. The total price, including the whole dry ski rainbow slide for sale and shipping is USD 17,600.

Do you also plan to start a project like Budi’s park rainbow dry snow tubing slope? Fee free to contact us. We will give you professional proposal and free quote depending on your venue and location.

The rainbow slide is an unpowered entertainment equipment marvel. It combines the simple joy of sliding with a burst of color and scale, suitable for guests of all ages. In addition, the ride offers an aesthetically pleasing and adrenaline-filled descent that has been a hit in various markets around the globe, especially Indonesia and Philippines.

Our company has already helped our customers start a rainbow dry snow slide project in Indonesia. It depends on both our company’s quality products and Indonesia’s geographic conditions. Here are some reasons why Indonesia’s geography is suitable for rainbow slide powerless amusement attraction.

Mountainous Terrain

Indonesia consists of thousands of islands, many of which feature hills and mountains. This terrain offers natural elevation differences that can enhance the distance and entertainment value of downhill amusement facilities like rainbow slides.

Beautiful Natural Landscapes

We can design wave rainbow dry snow slope slide to traverse Indonesia’s rich natural landscapes. Whether your venue is ტროპიკული მეტყევეები, botanical gardens, or coastal areas, we can make fantastic project. And it will certainly enhance the recreational experience an d interaction of visitors. Feel free to tell us your needs.

Double-lane Dry Snow Rainbow Slides Outdoors
Double-lane Dry Snow Rainbow Slides Outdoors

ტურიზმის განვითარება

Indonesia is a tourism hotspot with a rich variety of tourist resources and destinations. Adding non-powered amusement equipment like rainbow dry snow slides can further attract tourists, especially those seeking adventure and outdoor experiences.

მდგრადობა და გარემოსდაცვითი კეთილგანწყობა

Non-electric amusement equipment like dry snow rainbow slides do not require electricity or other forms of energy to operate. Therefore, it aligns with the concepts of sustainable tourism and environmental protection. This complements Indonesia’s goals of promoting ecotourism and preserving natural and cultural resources.

იყიდება ოჯახური გასართობი გასეირნება Rainbow Slide
იყიდება ოჯახური გასართობი გასეირნება Rainbow Slide

In summary, Dinis rainbow slide from China to Indonesia project satisfies both Budi and his customers. It brings considerable income to Budi and a lot of fun to tourists. Don’t hesitate to invest in this powerless amusement equipment project. We promise you won’t regret. Warmly welcome your inquiry.

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